Friday, April 26, 2013

Games News - 4/13

Since our 4th Year Anniversary passed almost a month ago, (it was March 30th), we have started kicking things into gear.

X-Plorer was our first game published, (as W.M.Thing Games then). When it first came out, the truth was, it was virtually unplayable. You played as an explorer, searching for... something, and avoiding traps along the way. The game had enemies, but they were useless and didn't even hurt you. The traps were unfair, and the gravity was so bad that you all but floated through the maze-like levels.
The next time X-Plorer got a significant update was way back in 2010. The update improved graphics and physics but still lacked a story and fun gameplay.
And now, three years later, the latest version of X-Plorer is here, for browser and standalone!

The new X-Plorer

Sadly, there is no deadline yet, but you can follow progress updates on the X-Plorer website.
X-Plorer is finally coming into the production process, specifically asset creation and greyboxing.

This is the first time we've announced our upcoming action/adventure/fantasy/supernatural game, but don't expect too many updates on this, since it's being postponed slightly until our equipment can be updated. It's also set for a slow production, as it's our longest game yet. Find out more at the official website!

And that's the news for April! Keep checking our game sites, since anything may change at any time!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

X-Plorer Website Launched!

Our awesome adventure puzzle game X-Plorer finally has a website!
We worked hard to re-imagine our old outdated X-Plorer website, and it paid off!
Also, check out our new X-Plorer logo variant!

Look for screenshots and maybe even a trailer coming soon! Speaking of trailers, shouldn't we have a trailer for Action Clock Games? Yes, we should. We'll try to get to work on it, but our company has been so busy recently with all the redesigning among other things, that we barely had the time to make the new X-Plorer site!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new site, and stay tuned for more Kitten's Adventure news as well!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Final Brand Change and News

We know it's a little early to release yet another brand change, but there were many good reasons for doing so.

Reason number one: The clock had eight hours. That would make it a night clock. The previous clock was even worse, with fifteen hours proudly displayed. Oops.

Reason number two: We skipped the anniversary this year. We know now that it's important, and that we shouldn't have.

Reason number three: Graphically, it was imperfect. It was too tall, it didn't have an outline so that it would only work on a white background, and yet we needed it on a black one. It wasn't square.

Anyway, take it from us: It was a good idea to change it again. Now, let's hope it doesn't get changed until next year!

Now for a few announcements.

• Otherworld is being put on hiatus. It may return soon.

• A new game, X-Plorer, based on our old, old game from way back when when we were known as "W.M.Thing Games" is in the works! Stay tuned for exclusive info and a new spin-off site.

• Kitten's Adventure may be getting a few updates in the near future!

That's all. Expect more news later this month!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Progress Report

Important Announcements:

A demo for Kitten's Adventure was just released, and is available for free on Mac and PC.
Download it here!

We've updated our outdated Submit Your Game form, so now it's much easier to use. Now there are a wider variety of game genres to choose from, we no longer ask for a telephone number, and we just cleaned it up in general.

We now have a new logo! This new logo is much more like what we had in mind when we first designed this website. Look for more site updates in the future as we work the kinks out.

In The Coming Months:

Action Clock Games will continue to expand with several new titles: Otherworld, Dinosaur Chase, Swerve and another, secret project that we can't reveal yet. ;)

Stay tuned for more!
-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In the Works

Our games are in progress, and some of them have a few notable advancements worth mentioning.

Kitten's Adventure

Kitten's Adventure not only gained a new level, Upstairs, but it also is getting it's first Dream Level, and when THAT'S complete, the demo can be released.
The demo doesn't contain many game mechanics, and it's really just a preview of how the levels are played then an actual game, but it's still worth downloading it to see Kitten's cute animations!


The space action adventure game has gone into production, expect more news soon!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Annual Anniversary

Usually around this time we have an anniversary, and update scads of games and change our website. Well, our website has gotten a slight update, (as you can see), but we're skipping the anniversary this year because so many things are happening already!

1. Kitten's Adventure is progressing steadily and will soon have a playable demo version on it's website.

2. Games like Dinosaur Chase have gone into pre-production.

3. What update is bigger then a complete name change?!

Our website has completely changed three times in the past four months! That's a lot of updating.
So while it is unfortunate that what would have been our Third Anniversary on March 30th won't get a huge amount of updates like the past two years, we will try to get the Kitten's Adventure demo out instead!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Concept Art for Dinosaur Chase

Credit: Will Black, Lead Concept Artist

Conceptual artwork for Dinosaur Chase has been completed. The game will be an incredible adventure, with many different species to collect. We are considering Facebook™ as the primary medium for publishing, but it will also work as a standalone.

Big List of Game Features!*


• High speed dinosaur chase with obstacles and inventive dinosaur traps

• Boss levels with dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Carnosaurus

Display Showcase

• Walk around a museum with all your living specimens!

• Earn money from tourists


• Upgrade your traps and vehicles!

• Unlock awesome paint jobs and more!

*Note: Not all features are listed above.

In further news, Kitten's Adventure will have a beta testing version soon, available as a download or online webplayer. The demo will contain three levels, and will give you a taste of the game before release.

See more about Kitten's Adventure, including the new trailer, here.

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to our website!

Check out the Games section to see a list of all the games that are currently under development!

There's lots more coming, so stay tuned!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.