Friday, April 26, 2013

Games News - 4/13

Since our 4th Year Anniversary passed almost a month ago, (it was March 30th), we have started kicking things into gear.

X-Plorer was our first game published, (as W.M.Thing Games then). When it first came out, the truth was, it was virtually unplayable. You played as an explorer, searching for... something, and avoiding traps along the way. The game had enemies, but they were useless and didn't even hurt you. The traps were unfair, and the gravity was so bad that you all but floated through the maze-like levels.
The next time X-Plorer got a significant update was way back in 2010. The update improved graphics and physics but still lacked a story and fun gameplay.
And now, three years later, the latest version of X-Plorer is here, for browser and standalone!

The new X-Plorer

Sadly, there is no deadline yet, but you can follow progress updates on the X-Plorer website.
X-Plorer is finally coming into the production process, specifically asset creation and greyboxing.

This is the first time we've announced our upcoming action/adventure/fantasy/supernatural game, but don't expect too many updates on this, since it's being postponed slightly until our equipment can be updated. It's also set for a slow production, as it's our longest game yet. Find out more at the official website!

And that's the news for April! Keep checking our game sites, since anything may change at any time!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.