Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Annual Anniversary

Usually around this time we have an anniversary, and update scads of games and change our website. Well, our website has gotten a slight update, (as you can see), but we're skipping the anniversary this year because so many things are happening already!

1. Kitten's Adventure is progressing steadily and will soon have a playable demo version on it's website.

2. Games like Dinosaur Chase have gone into pre-production.

3. What update is bigger then a complete name change?!

Our website has completely changed three times in the past four months! That's a lot of updating.
So while it is unfortunate that what would have been our Third Anniversary on March 30th won't get a huge amount of updates like the past two years, we will try to get the Kitten's Adventure demo out instead!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.