Saturday, January 21, 2012

Concept Art for Dinosaur Chase

Credit: Will Black, Lead Concept Artist

Conceptual artwork for Dinosaur Chase has been completed. The game will be an incredible adventure, with many different species to collect. We are considering Facebook™ as the primary medium for publishing, but it will also work as a standalone.

Big List of Game Features!*


• High speed dinosaur chase with obstacles and inventive dinosaur traps

• Boss levels with dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Carnosaurus

Display Showcase

• Walk around a museum with all your living specimens!

• Earn money from tourists


• Upgrade your traps and vehicles!

• Unlock awesome paint jobs and more!

*Note: Not all features are listed above.

In further news, Kitten's Adventure will have a beta testing version soon, available as a download or online webplayer. The demo will contain three levels, and will give you a taste of the game before release.

See more about Kitten's Adventure, including the new trailer, here.

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.