Saturday, July 28, 2012

Final Brand Change and News

We know it's a little early to release yet another brand change, but there were many good reasons for doing so.

Reason number one: The clock had eight hours. That would make it a night clock. The previous clock was even worse, with fifteen hours proudly displayed. Oops.

Reason number two: We skipped the anniversary this year. We know now that it's important, and that we shouldn't have.

Reason number three: Graphically, it was imperfect. It was too tall, it didn't have an outline so that it would only work on a white background, and yet we needed it on a black one. It wasn't square.

Anyway, take it from us: It was a good idea to change it again. Now, let's hope it doesn't get changed until next year!

Now for a few announcements.

• Otherworld is being put on hiatus. It may return soon.

• A new game, X-Plorer, based on our old, old game from way back when when we were known as "W.M.Thing Games" is in the works! Stay tuned for exclusive info and a new spin-off site.

• Kitten's Adventure may be getting a few updates in the near future!

That's all. Expect more news later this month!

-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.