Thursday, April 12, 2012

Progress Report

Important Announcements:

A demo for Kitten's Adventure was just released, and is available for free on Mac and PC.
Download it here!

We've updated our outdated Submit Your Game form, so now it's much easier to use. Now there are a wider variety of game genres to choose from, we no longer ask for a telephone number, and we just cleaned it up in general.

We now have a new logo! This new logo is much more like what we had in mind when we first designed this website. Look for more site updates in the future as we work the kinks out.

In The Coming Months:

Action Clock Games will continue to expand with several new titles: Otherworld, Dinosaur Chase, Swerve and another, secret project that we can't reveal yet. ;)

Stay tuned for more!
-- The Workers at Action Clock Games.